Healing Waters

Every day I drive by or walk near Murrieta Hot Springs,  once home of the Luiseno Indians and the village of Churukunuku (sp?).  When I was writing for the Californian newspaper one of my “In Touch” columns was about Murrieta Hot Springs and the healing power of the springs from days past when Indian tribes, not always in harmony, would lay down their weapons to heal their wounds.  Once, when I stayed up all night reading about the history, mythology and tragedy of the local Native Americans, I walked to the creek where the village once was.  I tripped over a shiny, black obsidian arrowhead.  Never before, and never since, have I seen anything like it, although I am told by a local historian

My animals are dying

What is happening? Are animals dying the same as always but we never bothered to have them diagnosed? Or is the water they are drinking, the food they are eating and the air they are breathing killing them,? Should we throw out the commercial food and just let them eat the purest grains and fruits and veggies, with some protein? I am thinking that Paul Newman brand pet food is a good way to go – but I can’t afford it! I wonder what we should do to keep your animal friends well. Leo, I am so sad you had to go, faster and sooner than you or I wanted. We love you, and trust you are with your friends in the spirit energy realms, feeling no pain, and at peace. #pollution #caninediabetes #C

Teaching Yoga for breast cancer survivors

This morning I had the honor of sharing yoga with about ten women gathered as part of a wellness traveling symposium. That is, they travel to the practitioners/instructors and experience their work, and then decide if it something they want to pursue on their own. I was honored because many of these women have physical challenges, including several having had recent surgery for breast cancer. One had several abdominal surgeries, another had a hip replacement and there were several more conditions present. The most important idea I wanted to transmit to them was that we can use yoga, self-acupressure with balls, and other self care techniques to reacquaint ourselves with, and re-befriend ou

Teaching an in-home pet massage class taught me!

Yesterday I taught three people an in- home pet massage class, along with their three dogs and my elderly dog. Hope the black lab and Gracie the black newfoundland were very clear in their communication. When I suggested that we ask our dogs if it was okay to massage them, they dropped down, rolled over and said, in effect, lets get started! Gracie could probably lead Zen classes of her own. She had no tension along her spine, where we began the massage, and could sit or lie in apparent bliss and stillness for a long time. After about ten minutes of total relaxation, she stood up, holding that position for five minutes, and then slowly made it into the corner. She was clearly finished.

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