The Ethics of Massage & Bodywork

Thirty-three states have state licensing, and California finally is one of them. State licensing is a way of ensuring the quality of practitioners, which will (soon, we hope) encourage health insurance companies to reimburse for massage treatments. But we still haven’t fully embraced the field of bodywork. Why is there still a shroud of mystery around it and a distrust of the massage therapy profession? One reason is that the boundary between therapeutic massage and sensual or sexual massage is still unclear. In many Yellow Pages, including one of our local Temecula books, all types of massage come under one heading. So who is to know which therapist to go to? I have been told by several new

The art of centering in yoga and massage

Summer into Fall The Art of Centering in Yoga and Massage In 1970, when I took a ceramics class at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, I quickly discovered that I could not center clay on the pottery wheel. Over the next few years I was also studying tai chi and ten years later my studies took me into the heart of Kenpo Karate and White Crane Kung Fu. It was those movement systems that taught me about finding one’s center, also called hara or tan tien. The hara, also called “one point”, is said to be located just below the navel and about an inch inside the body. It is a protected area and considered by many to be a sacred space. It is not surprising that this is the womb area,

Who is Massaging Our Wounded Warriors?

I surprised myself when I called nearby Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, California for information about therapeutic programs and modalities for returning veterans. As I was waiting on hold, I found myself struggling with thoughts such as, do I really want to hear how veterans have suffered and are continuing to suffer? Do I really want to know the situation? It felt very charged to me, and then I realized one of the reasons. When I was the age of many of our veterans my father suffered a stroke while riding his bicycle in the New Hampshire Mountains. When paramedics reached him, part of his skull was smashed and his brain was protruding out his right ear. The doctors had to remove part of

Mandala #2

This mandala is named for Marina, my daughter #Mandalas

Wendy Hammarstrom

In this blog I will publish excerpts from my book, Massage and Yoga in Special Places: 30 Years of Hands On”, as well as my articles about massage, yoga, health and wellness, for people and animals. I am including articles from Awareness Magazine, southern California; the Californian newspaper, Temecula, CA; Neighbors Newspaper, Inland Valley, Temecula, etc. and High Country Journal in Anza and Aguanga, CA. #HealingampWellness

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