Solstice Greetings

Winter Solstice Greetings! From the shortest day of the year to later and later twilights, May your lengthening days be filled with increasing health, happiness, humor, peace and riches of all kinds. Winter time was the Star of Bethlehem in Pennsylvania, with candles in every window, huge snowdrifts blocking our front door, wood fires in our little Limeport home, and sleigh rides on the hill. It was time for small gatherings with remarkable friends and family and the annual 10 mile Christmas Peace Pilgrimmage from Nazareth to Bethlehem.  We welcomed the beginning of winter with piano, recorders, flutes, violins, and song.  Today The winter solstice is like magical twilight, when the yellow h

Season’s Greetings

I have created and hand made a large variety of mandala coloring card kits for children of all ages, as well  gift cards and greeting cards.  available at Korrie’s Pilate’s Place, 34859 Fredrick St, in Wildomar off Baxter Road, east of Rte 15 & up the hill  (Look for large YOGA sign)—by donation. 951-609-9080. My Thursday night yoga classes continue at Korrie’s Pilates Place, 7-8:15PM– by donation. Hour massage holiday price for the month of December is $50, the same cost as for gift certificates – at your home or business or Korrie’s Pilates Place. Call me at 677-5962 if you would like to set up a massage or private yoga appointment,  purchase a gift certificate, or host or participate in a

The Gift of Touch

Due to several complications he died several weeks later.  But during those weeks, at my insistence, he was graced with caring and loving touch from his immediate and extended family, and his entire Quaker meeting.  We in turn were graced to be sharing that sacred time with him. Most people, like my father, appreciate caring touch.  Many, unfortunately, experience touch deprivation including people with AIDs, people with cancer and other illnesses; infants in Neo Natal Intensive Care Units, especially those who have been abandoned by their parents; people with injuries and amputations and deformities, the not very visible part of our population that is challenged with physical abnormalities;

Collision confusion

It has been two weeks since the car behind me got rear ended by another car whose driver didn’t see that the four cars in front of him were crawling along about five miles per hour, along with about a thousand other cars.  Although the driver behind me saw the car speeding up from behind and braked to soften the blow for all of us, I had no idea what hit.  My first thought was, “How cou As a massage therapist who was worked with many car crash victims, I know that often the pain and the symptoms don’t hit for weeks after the event.  So I was carefully observing myself, to observe my body and to watch for signs of PTSD.  It took ten days until my mental faculties were back to normal.  The fir

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