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Wendy's tender touch in Circles of Healing embraces not only your heart, but also your soul. It nourishes your spirit, and helps you laugh and sing again. The book is Wendy's life journey, a precious gift to everyone who has the privilege of reading it and applying its insight and exercises to their own lives.


Allen R. Kates, MFAW, BCECRBook Editor, Coach, Ghostwriter

Author of “CopShock, second edition: Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)”PO Box 399, Cortaro, AZ 85652(520) 616-7643">




As a veterinarian and qualified human massage therapist (whose mother taught Hatha Yoga until she was 95 years old!), I applaud Wendy Hammarstrom's book Circles of Healing: The Complete Guide to Healing with Massage and Yoga.  It is a scintillatingly easy read, yet encyclopedic, well referenced and researched, and very practical instruction manual for practitioners, caregiver (especially of the handicapped and elderly), and for students and clients.  Those seeking to take charge of their own health care maintenance and recovery from all the stresses and dis-ease of the times, Gwen's book will become a dog-eared companion.


The short section on "Massage for our Animals" broadens the scope of this book by adding an important dimension to discovering and applying our healing powers beyond drugs to all creatures great and small.


At the price being asked for this 550 pages of valuable information and instructive illustrations, this book is more than a bargain:  It is a gift, and a light post of inspiration.


~ Michael W. Fox, BVetMed, PhD, DSc, MRCVS“Animal Doctor” syndicated columnist,

Author of The Healing Touch for Dogs & The Healing Touch for Cats, Website





As a yoga teacher, I have found Circles of Healing to be a valuable source of inspiration and information as I work with a variety of students.  It supports my main goal of treating each person as an individual so I can design a yoga practice that best fits their current situation and goals.


The six sections cover all stages of life, aging with grace, special populations such as cancer and stroke patients, post traumatic stress sufferers, just to list a few.  The index is extensive and provides easy access to the many ideas presented.  Circles of Healing is an important reference for anyone working in the field of health, for both prevention and treatment.


~ Lynne Graham, Retired Elementary School teacher

Yoga Instructor, Wellsboro, PA

Krishnamacharya Healing Yoga Foundation 500-hour Certification
Yoga Alliance 500-hour Registration
On-going study with Dr. Dolphi Wartenbaker, teacher, Healing Yoga Foundation
Internship, February, 2014, Healing Yoga Foundation, Chennai, India







I enjoyed reading Circles of Healing by Wendy Hammarstrom.  As a pediatrician I see the importance of caring touch for children of all ages and especially appreciated the attention she gave to NICU babies.  Her chapter on caring for mothers who care for infants is excellent.


~ Robert Bissell, M.D.

Northampton, MA





Circles of Healing is a treasure trove of wholistic knowledge. More than 500 pages of pure gold!


There is a full spectrum of techniques to appeal to all age groups from baby massage to hospice care.  There is even an entire section devoted to pet healing.


This is a how-to "encyclopedia" that provides a broad scope of techniques and details that are not included in any other self help book.  It is well written to satisfy seasoned health practitioners and lay people who are determined to upgrade their quality of life.


Everyone will benefit from reading and owning this volume, and it makes for a thoughtful, one of a kind gift!


~ Mercedes Martine, MTOM (Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine) 

Author of Acupressure Facelift section in book Healing with Pressure Point Therapy by Jack Forem and Steve Shimer

Temecula, CA






Wendy has distilled 35 years of experience in the healing, movement and visual arts into Circles of Healing. There is something in this book for everyone. Circles of Healing shares simple ways to take care of ourselves and others in many pertinent situations.  It is useful for the layperson and practitioner alike.  Wendy's use of color (on the cover) and mandalas gives a beautiful touch that delights the eye and nourishes the spirit.


~ Mary Louise Muller- Course Director, LifeShapes Institute

Murrieta, CA






As a former massage practitioner, yoga instructor, wellness center director, hospital administrator, and currently an investment banker in home health care services, I recommend Wendy Hammarstrom’s Circles of Healing for health and wellness practitioners, caregivers, teachers and students of the healing arts.  This 570 page book, filled with photos and illustrations, charts, techniques and resources presents a plethora of techniques, all in the context of a compendium Wendy’s client stories- clients of all ages, background, levels of fitness, and often unique challenges.  Wendy’s 35 years of work in the field of yoga, movement, and massage therapy serves the reader well in this eclectic text that be referenced and revisited throughout ones career.


~ Steven Braff, CYT, CMT, MBA

ret. Managing Director, The Braff Group; former Associate Administrator Inland Valley Regional Medical Center, Wildomar, CA and Greater Valley Community Hospital, El Monte, CA;  St. Agnes Hospital, Philadelphia, PA - marketing and former Director of Cardiac Wellness Center




This exhaustive work is a keeper! It is the Bible of Massage and Self-Care and it has earned a place on my bookshelf next to "Our Bodies Ourselves," Dr. Christopher's "School of Natural Healing" and Dr. Jensen's "The Science and Practice of Iridology."  There are over 600 photos, mandalas, numerous resources, many grass roots stories and quotes.  It is the type of book which I will use for reference for ever more, and will tell my daughter to keep on her bookshelf!  If you are looking for a resource book filled with authentic self-care material compliled by a trueblue therapist, this is it!

~ Jill McCubbin-Clare, Lic. Ac., Dipl. Ac.and TCM, ,M.T.O.M.,

M.A. Psych.,Teacher of Yoga, Ontario, Canada






This is a great book for anyone who wants to know more about the healing process. Wendy not only knows intellectually about massage, she is a great masseuse. Following my recent surgery, the pain was tough but her massage helped more than any pain medication the doctors prescribed. If you want to learn from a master about massage and yoga, read this book!


~ Laurel Nicholson, Director, Nicholson Creative Group

Escondido, CA






I bought Circles of Healing some time ago and have really been appreciating it.  I keep it at my office and another therapist I work with has been reading it and enjoying it as well!  I am beginning a Yoga Teacher's Training in the fall and plan to use yoga as an additional tool to help my clients.  This book was one of the things that inspired me to do that.


~ Sarah Craig, Owner, Smyrna Massage & Wellness LLC








 I checked out your book and it looks really great. I have placed my order from Amazon just there now and I can't wait to receive it and get reading. Its just what I have been looking for. Something that covers everything. I will add it to my Class Library (as I teach Massage and Aroma here in Ireland) and I'm sure some of my students may be interested in it also.


~ Michelle Delaney, Golden Egg Holistic and Soul Balance Holistic Therapies






I received "Circles of Healing" from your splendid agent. It is a work of great worth, depth, and clarity. I have been perusing it and getting a sense of the range you cover. I recently hurt my back and am in physical therapy...I dream of a massage as you describe!!!...they are good but they are very perky and mechanical...your language is so much clearer and body loving....I was wondering if you would ever do a mandala book of your flower photographs...I see a merger or another book...I bow to your lifetime of experience and knowledge...what an opus.


~Robin Ruhf, ret. Teacher/Director, "Young Actors Workshop"

New Haven, Connecticut



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