Alicia Santacroce, Eurythmy, Waldorf Schools and Rudolf Steiner

Students at a Waldorf School in Sebastopol learn eurythmy with copper rods. Wendy Hammarstrom One of the fascinating things about Fallbrook I noticed since my first day here is the abundance of wise and creative women of all ages, each with their own story to tell. I recently met Alicia Santacroce, who is in her mid-80s and has the spirit and grace of a young woman. Known by many for her goat cheese with the garlic and herbs she grows, much of her time is taken up with her anthroposophy studies based on the work of Rudolf S teiner. The first time I met her she told me about eurythmy, or the New Art of Movement, brought into the world by Rudolf Steiner and his wife, Maria. I assured her I kne

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