Southwest USA Tribal Prayer Request

>I received this from my friend Lurena today: Southwest U.S.A.  Tribal Prayer Request > > > > >                            Friday, 24-Jun-2011 11:38 AM > > > Wallow Fire – Special Request from the Native Brothers > and Sisters in the SW > Please forward as you see fit > Hello everybody – as you can see on the news the Wallow fire in Northern > Arizona is still uncontrollable and spreading. > The fire has destroyed everything in its path, over 1/2 million acres so > far, the largest fire in Arizona history. Please join us in a tribal prayer > to help the firefighters and all involved. Pray so the winds stop and the > rains start (without lightning please) We want to pray for

Father’s Day

My father used to say that every day should be Father’s Day! Celebrate this Father’s Day with a gift certificate for an hour of massage therapy or private yoga instruction for only $50…  for a father, or anyone he knows! – with Wendy Hammarstrom California Credentialed Massage Therapist Thirty-five years experience with all ages and bodies I have been practicing and teaching massage and yoga on the west and east coast, where I directed Innerworks Center in Philadelphia, PA.  I have written about bodywork for various publications including Awareness Magazine, The Californian (Temecula), Neighbors Newspaper and High Country Journal.  My book, A Mandala of Massage and Yoga, will be available so

Cougars and Coyotes

Cougars and Coyotes What is man without the beasts?  If all the beasts were gone man would die of a great loneliness of the spirit.  For whatever happens to the beasts soon happens to man.  Chief Seattle 1854 Several years ago I was walking in the arroyo behind my house near Murrieta Hot Springs when my five dogs ran into the creek-side bushes at full force.  Ten seconds later they were running back out, tails between their legs and heading for home, with the exception of Peanut, who held his ground and remained with me.  I was curious but not too concerned.  As I made it the rest of the way home, I noticed a large tan animal quietly walking stealthily along the creek, head down, looking lik

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