Memorial Day Jackrabbit

Driving home from a friend’s house today, I ran into a traffic jam on a not usually busy road.   I saw a man and his daughter, who was half on and half off her bike, gesticulating to drivers in front of me.  I became immediately concerned that someone had been hit.  When I was able to get a clear view,  I stopped my car, put on the flashers and got out to help him lift the rabbit who was standing, but walking in circles, and bleeding.  I was getting ready to try to pick him up, but since I didn’t have my own car I didn’t have my supplies which always include blankets for just such an emergency. While several cars in the traffic jam were honking in annoyance, most cars were gratefully stopped


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Aging Gracefully with Yoga

Have you ever wondered how many people over sixty years old are comfortable balancing on one foot (for more than five seconds), or how many enjoy the feeling of stretching backwards over an exercise ball, or even how many can get into a squat position and stay there? These three poses are valuable for anyone, regardless of age.  By keeping our balance we protect ourselves from falls, we stand straighter and are stronger.  By stretching backwards over a large ball, we lengthen our spine and open our chest, which helps us breath deeply, energizing and revitalizing us. My favorite pose of these three is the squat.  Randolph Stone, DC, DO, ND, the founder of Polarity Therapy and Yoga believed in

Mothers’ and Daughters’ Wellness Symposium

Saturday, May 22, 2010, 10AM-3PM Come get a mini table massage from me, and check out first edition of my new book, Circle of Healing: Helping Extraordinary Clients with Yoga and Massage, A Practical Guide. Pechanga Resort & Casino 45000 Pechanga Parkway, Temecula, CA Sponsored by Riverside County (CA) Commission for Women 60 vendors and speakers Admission free with non-perishable canned food item or grocery store gift card for $5.  Refreshments provided with admission. The County of Riverside Commission for Women seeks to improve the status of all women by ensuring opportunities for each woman to develop to her full potential.  In support of this mission, the Commission for Women identifiei

Mother to daughter: passing on healthful ways

My childhood was healthy, thanks to my mother, and father. My mother gave me nutrilite, vitamins of several colors that came in a green plastic container with several compartments. We almost always had salad with meals, and we often stopped at the orchard market down the road for apples, peaches and pears. She encouraged me to play outside with my dog or my friends, even though due to her heart condition she usually could not join me and supported me in my modern dancing days because she could “vicariously enjoy” the movement.  As she got older she got even more into her garden and made her own sprouts, cooked lentil casseroles and any other vegetarian food she could think of.  What we did n

Remembering Leo, this pet cancer awareness month

This time last year my cat Leo passed over.  He was a smallish gray tabby my husband brought into our house from a feedstore eleven years ago. The owner had been arrested for brandishing a gun, shooting up into the sky, and accidentally grazing someone standing in the way. I am not sure why my husband thought we needed Leo in our life. Having a rescued wild mustang, another horse, two burros, several goats, a million rabbits and some ducks, plus several cats and about eight dogs, with our seven year old running around with them seemed like enough. And we were in the middle of a town on a couple acres, so we had to maintain some semblance of normalcy. Leo wasn’t sure about being there either

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