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My animals are dying

The Answer

What is happening? Are animals dying the same as always but we never bothered to have them diagnosed? Or is the water they are drinking, the food they are eating and the air they are breathing killing them,? Should we throw out the commercial food and just let them eat the purest grains and fruits and veggies, with some protein? I am thinking that Paul Newman brand pet food is a good way to go – but I can’t afford it! I wonder what we should do to keep your animal friends well. Leo, I am so sad you had to go, faster and sooner than you or I wanted. We love you, and trust you are with your friends in the spirit energy realms, feeling no pain, and at peace.

#pollution #caninediabetes #Cushingssyndromeindogs #poisonsinwater #cata #healthyair #tabby #chemical #animals #dogmassage #caninecancer #cancer #petfood #Massage

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