Feeling Peace, from the inside out: for Fathers and Your Families

Water Worlds As my summer dreams of water surface, I share my mandala image of water worlds with dancing amoebae expanding out from the center. Blue, a color of peace and tranquility, washes through our lives daily in the sky and waterways. Peace is the theme of this June blog, a week after many were murdered in Orlando, Florida. Fathers are also the theme. Why is there so much violence in the world, mostly perpetrated by men? As a non-television watcher I recently have been watching tv and movies and am stunned by the amount of violence, and the corresponding apparent sex appeal implied with guns and rifles. Looking over the many available movies to watch on netflix, I notice how many of

Bed Yoga

If you have ever had surgery, a prolonged illness, or a sudden physical setback, you may know first hand how difficult it is to get back on your feet. Many of you have had the shocking experience of lying, exhausted and disoriented, in a hospital bed with someone standing next to you telling you, "It's time to go for a walk!" Somehow you do, thanks to a walker or a strong and steady arrm, but what happens when you get home, possibly alone, and you hear the vehement voice of the hospital staff saying, "Keep moving!" I will shift to first person here. I recently underwent my first surgery at age 64, and was faced with the daunting task of setting a motionless body into motion. First, listen

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