Why the Foreclosure situation is bad for your health and what you can do about it

Some techniques and thoughts that help me: First, breathe. Second, do yoga. Third, get massages. Fourth, go for walks. Fifth, rest when you can. Sixth, remember you are not alone and work is being done to turn this situation around. Seventh, share what you are going through and ask for help. Do something fun every day. Watch John Stewart and the Colbert Report. And, what is that saying? The best revenge is success. Make your world work for you. #eviction #trauma #Healingtouch #foreclosure #PTSD #housingcrisis #Yoga #stress

39 Reasons I am not eating meat this Earth Day 2009

1. 92% of the water withdrawal from this aquifer is for food for hogs. In some areas the aquifer is running low. If it were completely drained it would take 6000 years to refill. 95% of Americans’ fresh water exists underground. Ground water is also the continent’s greatest reservoir of solar energy, as it remains at a constant of 53 degrees Farenheit, according to Dr. Jay Lehr, groundwater hydrologist and executive director of National Water Well Association. 2. Half the water in US is used for animal agriculture. Feedlot cows require 8-10 gallons per cow per day. 3. Raising animals for food requires more water than all of the uses of water combined. 4. According to the Environmental Protec

Providing Love & Comfort to the Dying

Palliative care seeks to alleviate pain without actually curing it. Hospice care addresses not only physical pain, but emotional, social and spiritual pain, not just of the patient, but also of the surrounding family. If I were dying with friends and family far away, or if they were nearby but unable to care for me, I would want hospice and/or home health care. I would be in a familiar environment. Home health care workers would keep up with housekeeping and my basic cleanliness. My friends and my animals would be with me. My care would be under the supervision of a physician, a medical director, a registered nurse, social worker and hopefully, a massage therapist. Massage therapy for a


Today exericse or Swiss balls are everywhere. When I worked at Wellness Professionals in Murrieta, our whole open space was filled with balls, almost like walking through a field of mushrooms. Pacific Distributing sold them (and still does) right off the floor sometimes. My favorite stretch is arching back over them to open the chest and stretch the upper back. I like to start classes with a quiet time to allow students to lie on their backs, resting on two tennis balls, to discover where they are holding tension. Another thing we do in yoga class is lie on the floor and “throw” the large balls to each other using our feet. This is an excellent way to strengthen the abdomen, hips and e

Cover of my new book available soon-

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Last Night in the ER with GB

Going back two years, I had a gall bladder attack one morning while I was driving to my new doctor’s appointment, conveniently scheduled it seemed. Her office, however, had failed to call me to tell me my doctor was unavailable. So I went to the local hospital ER, spent the day in pain, but not so severe I couldn’t breath into it to make it better. I managed to drive home to check on my daughter and pets and then drive back, during the time I was supposed to sit there and wait. Eleven hours after the pain began I was home with strict instructions from the doctor how not to eat for the rest of my life, with his recommendation I meet with surgeon and discuss GB removal. I obeyed his rules for

Turning to Plants to replace Premarin, or, They Kill Horses, Don’t They?

Michele Broad, a certified OB-GYN adult nurse practiitoner and owner of Women’s Health and Wellness in Murrieta, says:  I have never written a new prescription for Premarin.  Some of my patients on it have experienced severe leg cramps, weight gain and breast tenderness.” Amy Allina, program director for National Women’s Health Network, a non-profit education and advocacy group based in Washington, D.C., says, “Premarin is not simply a harmless aid for getting through menopause.  It can increase other health problems, and women need to know that.” Jeff Stone, pharmacist and owner of Innovative Compounding Pharmacy in Murrieta, says studies last year showed the definite connection between bre

Health Care for All

One of the organizers for a local California chapter of Health Care for All said several years ago, “We are promoting SB840 as the solution to California’s skyrocketing health costs crisis. It will be better to pay a state ‘health tax’ than a private ‘health insurance premium.’ When we pay a premium to an insurance company a large portion of it, 20-30% goes to administration, shareholder dividends, executive reimbursements and marketing. Only 70-80% is spent on health care. And, when we pay a tax to a state health fund, 5% goes to administrative costs, and 95% goes to health care.” Senator Sheila James Kuehl of the 23rd senatorial district (Los Angeles), the initial major legislative pr

Is Health Care a Threat to our Health?

Thinking back to my first experiences with health insurance as a welfare recipient in West Philadelphia in 1971 and more recently as a single working mother with a “pre-existing condition,” I have wondered, how do people afford health insurance? In an effort to better understand what insurance is all about, I looked up “insure” in Webster’s Dictionary. The three synonyms are ensure, assure and secure. The definition: “to make an outcome clear.” Unfortunately for myself and for the millions of Americans who cannot afford health insurance, there are no clear outcomes. An ad put out by a coalition of thirteen groups, including the United States Chamber of Commerce, the Health Insurance Asso

The Gift of Touch

Due to several complications he died several weeks later. But during those weeks, at my insistence, he was graced with caring and loving touch from his immediate and extended family, and his entire Quaker meeting. We in turn were graced to be sharing that sacred time with him. Many people suffer from touch deprivation including people with AIDS, people with cancer, hospice patients, infants in Neo Natal Intensive Care Units, especially those who have been abandoned by their parents; people with injuries and amputations, the not very visible part of our population that is challenged with physical abnormalities; people recovering from addiction; victims of physical and emotional abuse who f

Why Isn’t Massage Therapy covered by insurance?

A survey by the Office of Alternative Medicine found more than a half of conventional physicians in the U.S. have recommended or tried alternative medicine. An osteopathic doctor here in Murrieta, CA, Laurie Blanscet, believes that massage therapy for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue is invaluable. For general aches and pains, it is more effective than medicine and other therapies. She says, “I wish massage therapy was reimbursed because it is so effective. I think that doctors should be able to order massage as readily as say, physical therapy.” So why isn’t massage reimmbursed? Some believe insurance companies look at massage as frivolous. Others say it’s all in the name of business,

Treasures of the sea

Archeologists have found food stashes of algae in Stone Age South African dwellings. Palmaria palmata, also known as fresh sol or dulse, has been eaten in Iceland since about 1000 B.C. Japanese literature regularly refers to sea vegetables as “gems” or “gemlike,” and in China’s “Book of Poetry” (800-600 B.C.), sea vegetables are prasied as a delicacy fit for any honored guest. In “Breast Cancer?Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way,” master herbalist Susun Weed writes, “Brown sea weeds such as wakame, kelp or kombu provide a treasure chest of cancer preventive constitutents: anti-oxidant,carotenes, selenium and the star: alginic acid, which absorbs heavy metals, radioactive isotopes and some c

Pet Massage

In 1986 I met with a bodyworker trained in New York City by the renowned shiatsu master Ohashi. She was showing me how she worked with, what was to me at the time, an unusual client. Duke was a great mastiff puppy from New Jersey horse country who was receiving deep muscle massage around his leg and hip joints to increase circulation to lessen the chance of sprains and strains as he grew. Duke enjoyed every minute of the flexion and extension, friction massage, acupressure along his spine, and energy work he received. I was impressed by this and even more so when the therapist, a small woman, introduced me to her next client, a very large brown horse. She used the same shiatsu pooints an

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