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Yoga   &  Massage

Gift Certificates are available!


In home and on-site massage therapy, North County San Diego & Inland Valley CA,

or at the Fallbrook Wellness Spa;

Classes and presentations in self-care, relaxation and yoga techniques for large group gatherings and conferences;

Instruction for caregivers and family members who are working with someone facing health challenges;

Mandala classes for all ages, for centering, focusing, self-expression and for having fun!



Yoga group instruction, to be announced

Restorative, relaxing and rejuvenating ~ For all levels

Individual or semi-private yoga

or in your home or office - 60 mintes $100
















Massage therapy in your home or office, or at the Fallbrook Wellness Spa, on Alvaredo Street, by appointment.


Massage sessions vary according to clients' needs. They may include Swedish massage, acupressure or trigger point therapy,  gentle energy balancing, deep tissue, and cranialsacral therapy.  My clients are homebound and immobile, active and athletic, 

teenagers, in midlife,  and seniors.  


I work with clients at whatever their level of health or fitness is. The goals of the session are increased energy and mobility, enhanced relaxation and a reduction or elimination of pain.  Massage also improves sleep, circulation, enhances healing and improves mood.


Bodywork, a term which refers to massage and other forms of hands-on healing such as polarity therapy, acupressure and yoga restores the natural energetic pathways that lead the body, and the whole human, back into equilibrium.

Even when a person is disabled, chronically sick, or terminally ill, they can find balance and harmony within themselves through the gift of healing touch and the restorative poses of yoga and the power of breathing.























My practice and classes, as well as my book, include:


  • Pregnancy Massage

  • Infant Massage instruction for parents and caregivers

  • Animal Massage

  • Partner Massage and Stretches for the Whole Family

  • Massage and yoga for midlife changes

  • Masssage and yoga for aging with grace

  • Caring touch and massage for the dying

  • Relaxation for the severely challenged

  • Massage and self-care for people who have suffered strokes or heart attacks, who have parkinson's disease, COPD, MS, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, mild to moderate alzheimers, those recovering from surgery and many more chronic and acute conditions

  • Self-care, relaxation techniques, massage and yoga for people recovering from addiction




















Massage Therapy, as well as other forms of bodywork, along with yoga and self-care may reduce or eliminate headaches and neck tension, arthritis pain, sciatic pain, back imbalances and pain, insomnia, overuse syndromes, digestive discomfort. and stress or anxiety.  Regular treatments are the most effective way of improving and maintaining health and well-being.







Massage & yoga, Circles of Healing
Massage & yoga, Circles of Healing for bodyworkers, caregivers
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