Healthcare for All organizing info for 8/29 at 8PM

Please use this Dial-in Number 1-218-862-1300 and Conference Code 441086. To mute and unmute the line, please hit 4*. Proposed agenda: Update on Hands Off Our Medicare and the deficit commission – Katie Robbins Candidate pledge/Bird dogging March for Jobs October 2nd: Bringing the single-payer message – Donna Smith, National Nurses United Update from Retirees for Single Payer Update from Physicians for a National Health Program Healthcare-NOW! November Strategy Conference Open discussion Please submit any additional agenda items or questions to Looking forward to hearing you on the call! For Improved Medicare for All, Katie and Jeff Healthcare-NOW! National Staff #i

And who said California was progressive?

I received this urgent alert today, August 20th, 2010: THIS IS AN URGENT ALERT TO ALL CAMTC-CERTIFIED MASSAGE PROFESSIONALS THAT NEEDS YOUR PROMPT ACTION!! Police Bill May Go Before State Senate on Monday!!Immediate Phone Calls and Emails Needed!! The California State Senate is about to vote on AB 1822, a bill sponsored by the California Police Chiefs Association. If AB 1822 becomes law, California’s police chiefs and sheriffs will be forcing their way on the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) board. It is a dangerous precedent. The police chiefs original intention with AB 1822 was to force the reversal of SB731 and give back police departments the unrestricted power to regulate mass

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