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Teaching Yoga for breast cancer survivors

This morning I had the honor of sharing yoga with about ten women gathered as part of a wellness traveling symposium. That is, they travel to the practitioners/instructors and experience their work, and then decide if it something they want to pursue on their own.

I was honored because many of these women have physical challenges, including several having had recent surgery for breast cancer. One had several abdominal surgeries, another had a hip replacement and there were several more conditions present.

The most important idea I wanted to transmit to them was that we can use yoga, self-acupressure with balls, and other self care techniques to reacquaint ourselves with, and re-befriend our bodies. Something physical had gone awry and along with that comes emotional. mental and perhaps spiritual pain. We may have experienced extreme fear regarding our condition. We may look down on ourselves because we think our altered body image does not fit some externally mandated norm of perfection. Yoga, and massage, can bring us back to our internal source of calmness and power, to our inner and outer beauty.


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