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Invite Wendy Hammarstrom to present 

to your bodywork students and others



Invite Wendy Hammarstrom to share her experiences and favorite techniques with beginning and seasoned bodyworkers as well as other caregivers.  Here is a letter from Karabeth Garcia, Massage Therapy Program Supervisor at Four D College in Colton and Victorville CA regarding my presentations there in spring 2015:


     My students, instructors and I were recently blessed to have Ms. Wendy Hammarstrom, author of Circles of Healing, as a guest speaker in our classroom.  She and her wonderful team came to both our Colton campus, and out of their way to our Victorville campus to present her book and her depth of knowledge in the bodywork industry.


     Wendy presented the subjects that she had written about in her book to classrooms full of students both ready to go out into the field and brand new.  All of them received a fresh perspective from the wisdom that comes from working with an array of people (and animals) and their many ailments, and had a revived excitement for the possibilities of their careers.  Her peaceful demeanor and obvious experience with creating the healing atmosphere enforced the teachings that less can be more, to ask permission, listen, and receive knowledge from the tissues through the hands  of the practitioner.  Wendy represented bravery in our industry, being bold enough to step out of the comfort zone of "relaxing massages" and to trust in our education and intuition with groups of people that may have made one nervous to touch at first with injuries, backgrounds, and stages of life, but that badly need the gifts we have been cultivating through learning massage and movement.  What a privilege it was to have her visit!


     In addition, the book Circles of Healing is a must have for any massage practitioner and especially those stepping into the industry.  It encompasses Wendy's multitude of experiences and empowers the healing facilitator within with understandable instructions and many fantastic pictures.


     We are truly honored and grateful to know Wendy and her team and look forward to having her guest speak to future students.


Karabeth Garcia

Massage Therapy Program Supervisor

Four D College

Victorville CA






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