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Why the Foreclosure situation is bad for your health and what you can do about it

For those of us involved in the housing market crisis at the most personal level, that is losing a home, stress can take its toll. Rather than succumb to that stress by way of heart attacks, strokes, ulcers, gall bladder attacks, and unmitigated depression and hopelessness, we need to do everything we can do to take care of ourselves and each other. Being in the position of soon and possible eviction (after one and a half years fighting off the powers that be), I can attest to the need for help from friends and that may be the blessing, the only blessing, I can see from this experience. We are being given a chance to open our hearts and our homes to help friends and family members, and to value each other.

Some techniques and thoughts that help me:

First, breathe. Second, do yoga. Third, get massages. Fourth, go for walks. Fifth, rest when you can. Sixth, remember you are not alone and work is being done to turn this situation around. Seventh, share what you are going through and ask for help. Do something fun every day. Watch John Stewart and the Colbert Report. And, what is that saying? The best revenge is success. Make your world work for you.


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