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What’s up with stinging nettles?

When I lived in Philadelphia we had a dog named Fox, who looked like an orange fox.  When he was 15 he began to have urinary problems.  An herbalist friend of Susun Weed’s, Pam Montgomery, suggested the herb stinging nettle so I went to Pennypack Park and dug some nettles up –carefully — and planted them in our garden.  For the next two years I cooked the green leaves in water with rice and added chicken baby food and that is what Fox ate.  Our vet could not believe he survived and happily, those two more years, based on condition of kidney when he was first seen.

I am no herbalist, so I would recommend you go out and buy some of Susun Weed’s books, and I think Pam Montgomery also has a good book.

But stinging nettles are great for urinary tract issues, endocrine issues, especially those at midlife, adrenals and have lots of calcium and more.

There is a hillside of nettles behind the house in Murrieta, and also at Dripping Springs pond where I maintain the native plants. 

Guess what I am doing this week?

Happy Spring!


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