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Thursday morning summer yoga class

I am enjoying teaching this class. So far mostly new students. Today we focused on hip stretches and strengtheners, from mat work to partner stretches to standing poses. As always, I included some dance warm-ups, self-acupressure with tennis balls, and upper back stretches with larger balls. People seem to enjoy seated spinal twist with a partner as it is easier to go deeper into the pose and also flat back stretch, where we counterbalance, and have to trust each other. The energy in the room at Korrie’s Pilates Place is wonderful—very inspiring and peaceful. We ended the class with savasana, complete relaxation pose as I asked the class to visualize breath and energy coming in left hand and swirling around body, and whatever we don’t need flowing out the right side of body through the right hand. Thursday mornings, 10-11:15AM, Wildomar, CA. Call 951-677-5962.


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