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October 1st, World Vegetarian Day

In this issue: 

  1. What’s Happening

  2. CowFriendly Good Eats

  3. Healthy Living Marketplace

  4. Vegetarian News & More

September 2010

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About HappyCow We are an internet guide to vegetarian restaurants and health food stores worldwide. We promote vegetarianism as a compassionate, healthy, and environmentally sustainable way of living.

What’s Happening

October 2 is World Farm Animals Day, and caring people worldwide will be participating in events to raise awareness for the plight of farm animals. Visit VegEvents Calendar for events, your local meetups, plus: – Hug a Veg*n Day Sept 24 – World Vegetarian Day Oct 1 – National March for Farmed Animals in London Oct 2 – World Veg Festival San Francisco Oct 2-3 – New York City VegFest Oct 23

Bizarro: Eat Like a Bird comic strip (from The Veggie Blog)

Tempeh advocates, Betsy and Gunter, share their love and craft for making this nutritious protein staple at home… learn more (from The Veggie Blog)

Your letters. I really need the encouragement from time to time and have found it at happycow. Thank you. -C.Goneau

Cow-Friendly Good Eats

Wholistic Healing Center Argutha in uptown Tokyo, Japan, features a vegetarian cafe, organic shop, lounge and bar, yoga studio, and an aromatherapy salon.

The Garden Restaurant in Santa Rosa, California, is a vegan health food eatery, bakery, and juice bar that also provides educational classes in cooking and seminars.

Annapurna World Cafe, with locations in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico, offers healthy Ayurvedic vegetarian cuisine and specialty chai teas.

Flore in Silverlake/Los Angeles is a local favorite for classic American vegan food like tempeh reuben, black bean burger, and roasted vegetable pizzas.

Sage’s Cafe in Salt Lake City, Utah, is an acclaimed vegan restaurant that’s been voted ‘Best of Utah’ for 8 consecutive years.

…more cow-friendly restaurants & stores

Healthy Living Marketplace

Living Tree Community Foods almond butter is created in Berkeley, a wellspring of the human spirit. It has a rich tradition of Americans who dared to stand up and speak their truth. In its aliveness it is an intimation of what you can be. That’s why it’s called Freedom Butter.

May Wah Healthy Vegetarian Food is a company dedicated to supplying delicious vegetarian food. Their extensive line of products includes vegan ham, vegetarian popcorn chicken, and vegan sausages.

Pure Kidz super fuel formula

Good Earth Beauty natural and organic

Vegetarian News & MoreVegetarian diets associated are with healthy mood states, significantly less negative emotion than omnivores: a cross-sectional study in Seventh Day Adventist adults.Bill Clinton embraces vegetarian diet for good health. Denny’s restaurant chain across the US now offers a meatless burger made by Amy’s Kitchen. The sesame seed burger buns are vegan. Hold the cheese.The first ever ‘Vegan iron chef’ competition squared off in Portland, Oregon.Scientists closer to vegetarian chicken.Is BPA in your soup?Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver launching vegetarian cookbook.


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