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Circles of Healing sale through December 31, 2013

Circles of Healing

My book, Circles of Healing, The Complete Guide to Healing with Massage and Yoga for Caregivers, Practitioners, Students and Clients, a 576-page volume complete with 600 photos and illustrations is available for purchase at It is on sale through December 31st, for $30. (Usual price is $34.95).  It is a must read for every bodywork practitioner and yoga teacher, therapist and student, as well as medical professionals, hospice workers, veteran advocates and first responders.

I have been practicing and teaching massage and yoga for over 35 years and have given over 15,000 hours of massage to clients ranging from infants to hospice care patients. The publication of this book is the culmination of an eight year process chronicling my in-depth experience working with a full range of yoga students and massage clients, including many who are special needs.

If it is easier you can mail a check or money order to:  Ama Press, 1977 Lendee Drive, Escondido, CA  92025. )

Please tell your friends and co-workers in yoga, bodywork, nursing and caregiving, therapy or teachers of these professions about my book. I welcome any and all comments or suggestions from my friends and readers.


Gwen Wendy Hammarstrom has been practicing massage and yoga for over thirty-five years and has given 15,000 + hours of hands on bodywork or classes in Philadelphia and Southern California.  Circles of Healing is a culmination of her experiences working with people with specific challenges, from parents of babies in NICUs, to a midlife woman caring for her dying mother, from a woman struggling with Torticollis, to a man still traumatized by the Vietnam War.   In addition to clients and students with more severe physical and mental challenges, the book encompasses the circle of life, from massaging pregnant women to healing touch for elders.  Self-care and wellness tips throughout and lots of resources with which to continue exploring and learning.


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