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A bodyworker’s question: Is social networking good for our health?

Today’s blog is a rambling blog, from computer break down to finishing a book, to the role of communications via cyber space, to finding our center.

Mercury has been retrograde the last few weeks, which means machines, cars,  and communications break down.  I am told we have the opportunity to look back at old or recurring issues. (Do we have to?)  Today it is going direct again so things should begin to feel a little smoother.   My computer decided to pass over during this retrograded Mercury.  Thus,  two and a half weeks later I am catching up with LinkedIn, Plaxo, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress blog, my emails, and haven’t made it to Digg or Delicious yet.  And need to pay the website domain before they make it public again.  Why do we use these methods of communicating and networking and how do they help?   Why is it so difficult for massage therapists, yoga teachers, dancers and artists to stay in that left brain flow?  I welcome any feedback and ideas.  I have gotten a few bites from all this work, but very few.  I always have enjoyed making connections between individuals and groups, so that in itself is rewarding,  but why do I feel like I am waiting for it all to happen?  Is it where I live?  A quasi-cultural wasteland?  Would the time spent on the computer making contacts  be better spent on the phone making follow up calls?  Actually speaking with people?  My animals think my time would be better spent massaging them, and so do my friends and family.

Soon,  thanks to the return of Microsoft Word and Outlook express (and the people that use it) I will have a finished e-book, or self-published book about my 30 years in the wellness field working with special, unusual and wonderful people (and animals.)   My book has gone through years of stops and starts, revisions, critiques, editing, stalling and blaming it on single motherhood, more revisions, editing, stalling, blaming it on losing my home, but  I think it is about to take shape.   Have others out there had help from social networking with selling books?  I have gone from 1000 pages to 500 pages to 250 pages.  It was about me and my life as part of a tapestry, then it was a compendium of knowledge, then hundreds of hands-on techniques and exercises, then my grandmothers stories of living in Greece, and soon will be the perfect balance of them all. 

I was initially dismayed at the thought  life without my computer, but during the two weeks or so without a computer I slowed down.   I felt like my internal compass was navigating, and my brain wasn’t a constant whir of input and ideas.   How do we keep our “center” while remaining receptive to the world outside? 



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