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Massage & yoga, Circles of Healing for bodyworkers, caregivers








576 Pages


500 photos & illustrations




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Wendy represents bravery in our industry, being bold enough to step out of the comfort zone of  giving merely "relaxing massages" ... to work with groups of people (and animals) that are overlooked and badly need the gifts we have been cultivating....     


Her peaceful demeanor and obvious experience with creating a healing atmosphere enforced the teachings that less can be more, to ask permission, listen and receive knowledge from the tissues through the hands of the practitioner.


 - Karabeth Garcia

Massage Therapy Program Supervisor

Four D College

Victorville, CA


(see full letter on "Invite Wendy to Present" page)








About Circles of Healing

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For bodyworkers,



wellness counselors

movement instructors 





     Herbalist Susun Weed

interviews Wendy Hammarstrom


Tune into blogtalkradio on Tuesday, January 31st, at 6pm Pacific time for herbalist Susun Weed's interview with Wendy Hammarstrom.  Hear her talk about her 40 years in the holistic health field, and her experiences working with the full specturm of clients she has been honored to know.


Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

6pm Pacific time, 9pm eastern time (U.S.)

Susun Weed's show begins earlier, at

4:30 Pacific time and 7:30pm eastern time.





I've known author Wendy Hammarstrom for several years, and this book reflects her qualities and personality--courageous, helpful, loving, compassionate and caring, a massage and yoga practitioner who possesses an astonishing amount of knowledge and wisdom that she is eager to share with others.


The book is a stunning accomplishment, a tour de force that everyone who practices massage or yoga will want in their library. It is a reference book like no other, filled with description, instructions, photographs and helpful hints. Easy to read and easy to follow, Circles of Healing is without a doubt the go-to book for healing, whether the source of suffering is physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual.


Wendy's tender touch in Circles of Healing embraces not only your heart, but also your soul. It nourishes your spirit, and helps you laugh and sing again. The book is Wendy's life journey, a precious gift to everyone who has the privilege of reading it and applying its insight and exercises to their own lives.


Allen R. Kates, MFAW, BCECRBook Editor, Coach, Ghostwriter

Author of CopShock, second edition: Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)



A timely and comprehensive guide for taking care of ourselves and each other....


Step-By-Step Techniques & Exercises

for Pregnancy through End of Life


Charts & Forms for

Practice or at Home Use


Twenty pages of organizations dedicated to the diverse clients in this book


Stories from the author's thirty-five

years as a holistic health professional




This book should be required reading for all  bodyworkers and movement instructors working with special needs clients.

-  Jill McCubbin-Clare, Lic. Ac., Dipl. Ac., M.T.O.M., M.A. Psych., Teacher of Yoga

Ontario, Canada

In this book you will:

  • Learn how to care for yourself AND expand your work to include students or clients with a variety of health challenges.


  • Follow step by step instructions for hands-on techniques and exercises.


  • Find extensive resources for working with many diverse client populations.


  • Discover useful and practical charts and forms for your professional practice or use at home.


  • Gather great tips for professional body workers and caregivers.


  • Read author’s experiences, laced with humor and wisdom gained during 15,000+ hours of hands-on client and teaching experience.





San Diego Festival of Books

Saturday, August 24th, 10-5, 2019

Venues Liberty Station

Pt. Loma, San Diego

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Join me along with

author Laurel Nicholson

at Author Alley

Book signing &

 Nature mandala cards...

...a taste of 

Circles of Healing Book 2!


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